Tiedemann Violin Studio

Effective 8/15/17
Lesson Times: Please arrive five minutes prior to your lesson start time to allow time for unpacking and tuning your instrument. Students arriving more than five minutes early will be asked to wait outside. Each student deserves an uninterrupted lesson. Lessons are only provided in the time slots assigned and may not be extended if you are late. Arriving on time teaches your children how important it is to be punctual to all appointments. 

Payment: Payment for the month is required at the first lesson of the month.  Summer lessons are paid monthly based on the number of lessons taken.  A minimum of six (6) lessons during the summer is required to keep your space in the studio.  See the 2017-2018 fee schedule below.

Fees per student:  Charges are based on $22.50/30 minute lesson.  There is a $5.00 travel charge for each student lesson given in the student's home. 

8/15/17 – 5/31/18 
30 min. lesson                                     30 min. HOME lesson                    
$ 90.00 (4 lessons)                              $110.00 (4 lessons)
$112.50 (5 lessons)                              $137.50 (5 lessons)
45 minute lesson                                 45 min. HOME lesson                                                      
$135.00 (4 lessons)                             $155.00 (4 lessons)
$168.75 (5 lessons)                             $193.75 (5 lessons)
Make out your check to:  Esther Tiedemann

Missed lessons: Please let me know as soon as you know you will be unable to attend. 
  • Give 24 hours notice by phone/text (530-327-8508) or email (sierra79vln@gmail.com) in order to qualify for a make-up lesson.  (Exceptions: illness or genuine emergency - please call.)  
  • Please do not bring your child to lessons if s/he is running a fever or ill.
Teacher Cancellations: I am a teacher and a performer. I may have to reschedule lessons due to performances. I will notify you of cancellations as quickly as possible and attempt to offer a make-up time. If a make-up time is not available, you will receive a credit for lessons that have been pre-paid.

Preparation: Students are expected to come to lessons prepared by having practiced their assigned material. Students should be practicing their review pieces and new material each day with the assigned number of repetitions - or for the same number of minutes as their lesson - as instructed. Students who consistently come unprepared may be dropped from the studio.

Practice Record: Each student will bring an up to date, filled in practice record to each lesson.

School Year Holidays: The studio does not observe the county’s school holiday calendar. School holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks) are regular lesson days in the studio. No lessons will be given during the last two weeks of December. 

Summer Lessons: Lessons taken during the summer break will be paid by the lesson; Students may pay in advance each month.  A minimum of six (6) lessons is required to ensure the returning student’s place in the studio in the Fall.

Books and Supplies: Students are responsible for obtaining all assigned materials in a timely manner.

Performances: A formal Spring recital is usually held in April or May. Other performances may be scheduled as the opportunity arises.